Good nutrition leads to good health. We all need balanced nutrition, even if we are in the best of health. The modern diet lacks important nutrients that are needed for the normal function of the human body.


NutrixGold GoldSure Complete Nutrition

  • A complete nutrition formulation

  • Contains lutein, Coq10, prebiotic fibers, high-quality protein, essential vitamins and minerals and a fat blend that meets our body needs

  • HMB protein to help regain muscle and physical strength, especially for the seniors

  • Supplies you with a flexible reconstitution of either
    1.0 kcal/ mL or 1.5 kcal/ mL of calories

Easy Go

  • Completely natural blended mix of potent nutritious berries and red beet powder

  • Enables our bodies to regain its natural functions through a more efficient way of eliminating toxins from our bodies and better absorb nutrients for optimum inner health that promotes outer beauty



  • Delicious and wholesome beverage made from 22 types of premium whole grains and packed with phytonutrient

  • T-grain contained high-quality freeze-dried tiger milk mushroom, purple sweet potato, and inulin

  • Widely known as great sources of dietary fiber, as well as certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including significant levels of selenium, manganese, and vitamin B

  • Low-calorie low-fat nature and high protein of multi-grain beverage is also important for health


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